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Margarita Surf Hostel Canggu, Now Upgraded!

There’s nothing you can do but just seat back and relax when you have your own private room with private pool. Happy to be back to Canggu!

I was in Margarita a couple months ago and it felt so good when the area of the hostel is close to all places in Canggu. From Echo beach to a row of tropical cafes. Good food, good price are just things I couldn’t event let go when vacation in Bali. Now what are the upgrades from Margarita Surf Hostel Canggu and what is the best deal if you happen to visit Bali and decided to stop by? Here are they:

Deluxe Double Bed and Twin Bed

Margarita is not only offers male and female dormitory rooms but also the brand new upgraded private room with private swimming pool. With single reservation, you can probably get your very own Deluxe Double Bed or Twin Bed, either at upstair building or downstair. All rooms have the best view around.

Furthermore, with the super fancy bath-up, guest also will be spoiled with authentic room vibes and furnitures. Rustic woods and white colour tone of the entire walls make it perfect.

Fancy Dining Room with Kitchen Set Downstair

It’s hard not to have some cold beer in Bali. No matter in what season you arrive. Margarita understands all your needs. Downstair of the private rooms, your stay will be completed with a super huge fridge, gas stove and of course with a pair of dining table set. Imagine have your own dinner just in front of the swimming pool, there’s nothing more special but romanticism.

Private Swimming Pool

As much as I love the bedroom, the pool is also great. I love to spend afternoon tea on the seaside of the pool. Margarita has one shared main pool and one private pool. With a couple sweet beach chairs, the blue sky of Canggu is shimmering right to the pool. You hear the sound of the sparkling water with some balinese traditional music, this place is something you don’t wanna leave.

Take your beloved ones to feel the moment in this private pool. The bliss of Bali will be remembered for a long period of time.

Entertainment Area

Margarita also upgraded the entertainment area right in the corner of the bar. There is pingpong table, billiard, tv screen for karaoke, music instruments such as guitar and piano. Get yourself a treat along with the other lovely guests from all over the world. Margarita’s best staffs will serve anything you need.

Margarita bar

What else you need during your stay in Canggu, Bali? I definitely suggest you to have a good time in Margarita’s Bar. This bar is place for all guests to gather. Chilling and laughing. Some guys usually great in guitar. Sing along in the windy night or maybe have a cheer moment with your mates are highly recommended. The bar also provided place for a BBQ. Treat yourself a nice meal with your travel mates.

Margarita Surf Lesson and activities

With the best experts on their own, Margarita is now offering Bali island activities with complete daily packages. From surf lesson, snorkeling, diving, water sports, rafting, yoga, atv. Get your best experience with best crew and costs. Surf lesson usually held in Echo Beach, Canggu. It starts from 8 in the morning. Check NOTES section down below to book your preferred activities!

Margarita Bali Island Tour

Sometimes, it’s hard to travel alone. Some people need help from the locals who capable in it. Starting 2019, Margarita Surf Hostel Canggu is officially launched called Margarita Bali Island Tour. Trip to take you all around Bali, to visit iconic places and destinations.

Margarita offers temples tour, beach tour, sunrise hunting, religious trip. All packages are customisable based on your need. So, what are you waiting for, come and join us at Margarita Surf Hostel Canggu, your home in Bali.


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